This was my 13th season and I moved from Class 5 to Class 4, along with 3 other competitors, as we were no longer able to buy the List 1c competition tyres that we have used in previous years, so we all ran List 1b road tyres. This year there were 18 competitors in Class 4, which is the highest number ever and provided a real competitive element.

Final Results

I competed in 12 rounds scoring a total of 687.43 points out of a possible 700. During those rounds I managed the following placings: 3 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 5 x 3rd, 1 x 4th and 2 x 5th.

These results put me in 4th place in Class 4. In addition the Veterans Class is competed over the 5 best rounds and I managed a score of 492.30 which earned a 9th place from 25 competitors.

Individual rounds including photos and times can be seen below

Goodwood - 17 April       Hethel - 25 April       Curborough - 9 May       Loton Park - 11 July

Gurston Down - 18 July       Harewood - 8 August       Curborough - 29 August       Wiscombe Park - 11 September

Blyton Eastern - 25 September       Blyton Outer - 26 September       Anglesey National - 2 October       Anglesey International - 3 October

Curborough Test Day - 26 August

Sprinting & Hillclimbing