Round 2 - Caterham & Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship 2022

Anglesey International Circuit

Sunday, 3 April

The weather today was better than yesterday, dry, not so windy and a little warmer. I did a dual-drive with Mike Sankey again, but unfortunately on Mike's previous run he had felt something wasn't quite right with the car and on my last run the clutch went!

P1 - 105.83s
T1 - 100.60s
T2 -   99.14s - New PB by 2.01s - was it me or was it Mike's car?
T3 - 102.69s
T4 - 159.61s - The clutch gave up the ghost, hence my lengthy timed run as I nursed it back to the paddock

Round 16 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2021

Anglesey International Circuit

Sunday, 3 October

It's also 12 years since I drove the Anglesey International Circuit when in 2009 I still had the X/flow. The weather today was dry, windy and 14/15 degrees.

P1 - 104.18s
T1 - 101.78s
T2 - 102.88s
T3 - 101.43s
T4 - 105.03s
T5 - 101.15s

As we had travelled quite a way to take part in the Anglesey Sprint Weekend, we decided to rent a cottage on the island and visit a few places - see some photos here.

October 2009
Round 15 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2009

Sunday, 11 October

P1 - 124.41s
P2 - 120.54s
T1 - 118.21s
T2 - 115.43s
T3 - 109.88s
T4 - 107.93s

Winner - Malcolm Hickey

Sprinting & Hillclimbing