August 2022
Round 12 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2022

The weather was very warm and dry.

P1 - 65.20s
P2 - 63.99s    F/R as too much speed in last corner meant finishing wrong side of markers
T1 - 64.43s
T2 - 64.71s
T3 - 64.17s    A new Club PB down from 65.30
T4 - 64.60s

August 2021
Round 10 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2021

There had been very heavy rain overnight, which dried throughout the day due to a strong wind, but also an occasional light shower during the day.

P1 - 73.83s - Very wet, standing water
P2 - 67.50s - Damp
T1 - 66.72s - Dry
T2 - 65.30s - Dry
T3 - 65.79s - Dry

Winner - Mike Sankey - 62.17s

August 2019
Round 10 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2019

This event was unfortunately cancelled part-way through the first timed run, as a Wolsey Hornet unfortunately hit one of the farm buildings and the building was deemed unsafe for the event to continue.

P1 - 64.10s
P2 - 62.36s  A PB, but it doesn't count as only a practice run!
T1 - 63.12s

August 2018
Round 11 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2018

P1 - 65.16s - A quicker first run than usual..
P2 - 63.71s - Near to PB...
T1 - 63.29s - A new PB.
T2 - 62.72s - Another new PB and so close to a class win. Beaten by 0.09s
T3 - 63.36s - As ever trying too hard on last run

Winner - Mike Sankey - 62.63s

August 2017
Round 9 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2017

P1 - 66.04s - Cautious as ever (never a fast starter)
P2 - 64.19s - That's better...
T1 - 63.55s - Although not a new PB for the Hill, this does represent a new PB for L7C events here
T2 - 64.48s - It only takes one mistake...
T3 - 63.93s - Better, but not good enough
T4 - 63.92s - Really pleased with my consistency, just need to find another level!

Winner - Mark Durrant - 60.73s

August 2016
Round 11 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2016

P1 - 65.84s - Not a bad start
P2 - 65.46s - Slight improvement
T1 - 64.20s - Best time of the day, good enough for 3rd in Class
T2 - 64.72s - Ragged gear change on the final straight
T3 - 65.68s - Trying too hard on the last run!

Winner - Shaun Elwell 60.50s

The weather was dry all day, but very windy with sunny spells. T1 was good enough for 3rd in Class behind Shaun at 60.50 and Mark at 61.34.

It was obviously all too much for Chris...
James, Phil & Chris pondering on something in the cockpit...

August 2015
Round 8 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2015

P1 - 69.14s - Terrible first practice, way off the pace
P2 - 66.54s - Good improvement, but still slow
T1 - 64.45s - Another improvement, just struggling today
T2 - 64.35s - Minor improvement, but still off my PB
T3 - 63.26s - A smooth run leading to a new PB by 0.33s and First in Class

August 2014
Round 8 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2014

P1 - 65.30s - The usual cautious start...
P2 - 65.23s - ...x2
T1 - 64.23s - Always pleased to knock off a second
T2 - 63.73s - A new PB by just 0.21s
T3 - 64.16s - As ever, simply trying too hard to improve!

Winner - Mike Sankey 61.91s

August 2012
Round 9 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2012

P1 - 66.14s - A promising start
P2 - 65.38s - Improving
T1 - 63.94s - Really pleased with this run especially as it's a new PB by 1.07s
T2 - 64.98s - Just trying too hard..... 5th out of 7 scoring 95.48

Winner - Stuart Miller 61.05s

The 3rd timed run was abandoned. We were all beginning to line up on the access road watching the rain approaching in the distance. We had been fairly lucky with avoiding the rain during the day as storms passed us by, but this downpour was heading straight for us! Just a few drops at first as the start line marshals sent competitors off on their runs as usual. Suddenly the heavens opened up the marshals ran for cover and instructed us to make our way back to the paddock. One minor problem, we had to drive the hill to do so. The following will most likely be my slowest run up the hill!!!

August 2011
Round 10 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2011

P1 - 71.61s - 2nd time at Harewood. Hot and sunny, tentative first run
P2 - 68.62s - Greatly improved run
T1 - 66.19s - Confidence is growing...
T2 - 65.51s - Still improving, despite several mistakes
T3 - 66.77s - Last run, trying too hard, finishing 10th out of 11 overall, scoring 91.71 points

Winner - Chris Howard-Harris 60.08s

August 2009
Round 9 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2009

P1 - 73.47s - First time at Harewood, in fact first ever hillclimb. Hot and sunny
P2 - 70.11s - Greatly improved run, although still learning the hill
T1 - 71.06s - Disappointment! Slightly slower
T2 - 69.50s - Good run, just over 1.5s quicker
T3 - 69.60s - Last run couldn't improve, finishing 9th out of 14 overall, scoring 90.98 points

Winner - Mike Sankey 63.23s

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