Sprint Circuit

September 2022

The second day of the weekend was also cool and dry, so times were mainly slower than last year's sprints at Blyton.

P1 - 77.06s
T1 - 73.49s
T2 - NTRs
T3 - 72.29s
T4 - 72.93s

September 2021

The second day of the weekend was dry, sunny and warm at 20 degrees.

P1 - 80.01s
T1 - 74.82s
T2 - 72.52s
T3 - 71.93s
T4 - DNF
T5 - 72.69s
T6 - 71.96s

Winner: Nigel Fox with a time of 68.24s

September 2020

The very last sprint I took part in of the much-shortened season was at Blyton Park Sprint Circuit. It was a cloudy, chilly day, but good to get out there one last time until the (hopeful) resumption of a new season next April...

P1 - 80.51s
P2 - 73.72s
T1 - 71.63s
T2 - 72.22s
T3 - 71.82s
T4 - 71.41s
T5 - 72.40s
T4 - 71.23s

Nigel Fox now takes part in Formula Ford and it was good to see him at Blyton this weekend

Round 13 - L7C Speed Championship 2019

P1 - 75.51s   Cautious start
P2 - 72.34s   Improvement all round
T1 - 69.37s   More improvement leading to a new PB by 1.43s
T2 - 69.91s  
T3 - 69.68s  
T4 - 70.31s   Sadly no further improvement, but all timed runs were within 0.94s

Round 6 - L7C Speed Championship 2018

I was more familiar with the Sprint/Outer Circuit as I have been before, but I couldn't reproduce the good form of the previous day, so much so that my T1 was the best out of 5 timed runs!

P1 - 77.66s
P2 - 73.03s
T1 - 70.80s
T2 - 71.89s
T3 - 72.51s
T4 - 71.40s
T5 - 72.93s

Winner - Mike Sankey - 68.86s

One day I'll get the hang of this video lark! - Maggie

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