Eastern Circuit

September 2022

The weather was cool and dry.

P1 - 82.04s
T1 - 77.65s
T2 - 75.76s   PB
T3 - 80.98s
T4 - NTRs

September 2021

The weather was dry, cloudy and warm at 20 degrees. This was my first time at Blyton on ZZS tyres, so a little bit slower as I achieved a PB of 74.99s on my Kumhos previously.

P1 - 85.16s
T1 - 78.08s
T2 - 78.57s
T3 - 77.26s - 2nd in Class!
T4 - 77.32s
T5 - 78.23s

Winner: Nigel Fox with a time of 74.69s

September 2020

Our third and last sprint weekend of our socially-distanced, Covid-wrecked season? The weather was very windy, cloudy with some sun and only 18 degrees.

P1 - 83.32s
P2 - 79.19s
T1 - 80.66s
T2 - 79.44s
T3 - 78.12s
T4 - 78.56s
T5 - 78.66s

Nigel Fox now also takes part in Formula Ford and it was good to see him at Blyton this weekend

Round 12 - L7C Speed Championship 2019

This was the second time the Club had been to the Circuit, so a little bit more familiar. Despite the fact that it was a cold, grey, windy day with occasional sunny spells, the temperature was circa 14-16 degrees, a few Class records were broken.

It was really pleasing to improve on every run, fairly significantly, resulting in a new PB by 0.79s and a new Class Record by 0.72s. I was the only entrant in Class 5 this year.

P1 - 85.56s  The usual slow start
P2 - 81.31s  An improved run
T1 - 77.98s  Even better
T2 - 76.71s  Improvement starting to slow down
T3 - 74.99s  A new PB and new Class 5 record

Round 5 - L7C Speed Championship 2018

This is the first time the Club have been on the Eastern Circuit, so it took a while to get used to it. It was a warm sunny day, hardly a cloud in the sky and 19/20C.

P1 - 85.03s
P2 - 78.07s
T1 - 79.16s
T2 - 76.36s
T3 - 110.88s - (it was all going so well until an altercation with a hay bale...)
T4 - 75.78s - (beaten by the winner, Mike Sankey, by 0.07s!)

Winner - Mike Sankey - 75.71s

Sprinting & Hillclimbing