This was my eighth season. Following our accident in Switzerland in September 2015 the car has been rebuilt and now has new Quantum One Zero dampers with new springs and a new SPC rocket ratio gearset has been installed into the original gearbox casing.

Also new for this year was a Bell helmet and the Simpson Hybrid FHR, which took a bit of getting used to.

This will be my first season in Class 6 having moved up from Class 4 due to changes in MSA tyre regs. I could have stayed in Class 4 but that would have meant buying new (less sticky) tyres to conform so I opted to change classes although I would be at a power disadvantage.

Final Results

For the first time in many years I managed to complete 7 rounds to qualify for the overall championship.

My final positions were:

    Overall Championship - 32nd out of 61 scoring 659.77 points (winning score 700.00)

    Class 6 Championship - 3rd out of 7 scoring 659.77 points (wining score 700.00)

Individual rounds including photos and times can be seen below.

Goodwood - 23 April       Hethel - 1 May       Curborough - 15 May      Blyton Park - 19 June

      Castle Combe - 23 July       Harewood - 7 August       Curborough - 28 August

Sprinting & Hillclimbing