April 2019
Round 1 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2019

A very warm day (mid 20s all day) which helped me achieve First in Class, a PB of 92.48s and the Edward Lewis Trophy for Best Improvement in Class. There were 110 competitors and I came 15th overall.

P1 - 94.49s - First run with new Rear ARB and decided to push harder from the start. Just 0.03s from a PB.
T1 - 92.84s - Felt more confident to push on, resulting in new PB by 1.62s.
T2 - 92.48s - Another new PB by 0.36s.
T3 - 92.61s - Couldn't manage a hat-trick of PBs, but very pleased with 3 timed runs, which were within 0.36s of each other.

April 2018
Round 3 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2018

A cold day throughout (9-10 degrees), track quite good despite overnight rain which a stiff breeze helped today. Only 0.84 away from PB, which wasn't too bad considering the cold conditions and was placed 14th overall out of 100 competitors.

P1 - 100.75s - Damp but drying track, hence cautious start
T1 - 98.66s - More confident to push on
T2 - 95.30s - More commitment and a nice improvement
T3 - 98.17s - A good lap until Lavant and Woodcote where 2 missed gears ruined the time

Winner - Mike Sankey 92.05s

Photos 6, 7, 8 and 9 below are courtesy of Andy Steele

April 2017
Round 1 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2017

P1 - 100.83s - Cool and dry and the usual cautious start
T1 - 95.43s - Warmer and more confident
T2 - 95.61s - Dry and warm, consistent
T3 - 94.46s - A new PB by just 0.3s. Good enough for 2nd in Class

Winner - Mike Sankey 91.96s

April 2016
Round 2 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2016

P1 - 113.53s - Cold and dry
T1 - 99.65s - Even colder and dry
T2 - 97.19s - Same conditions
T3 - 95.98s - Still very cold and unable to get much heat into the tyres

Winner - Shaun Elwill 88.66s

April 2015
Round 1 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2015

P1 - 119.87s - Very damp/greasy
T1 - 97.67s - Warm & dry
T2 - 94.76s - Same conditions
T3 - 96.12s - Started to rain just before start of last run

Winner - Mike Sankey 90.49s

They are now running a new format at Goodwood which means starting from the pit lane rather than the grid. So 94.76s represents a new time to beat in future years. I managed to finish 2nd in class scoring 95.5 points.

April 2011
Round 2 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2011

P1 - 106.17s - Dry and sunny. Third visit, practice nearly as quick as my PB.
T1 - 98.22s - Same conditions.
T2 - 98.13s - Even warmer by the afternoon and I managed to beat my previous PB by 7.15s.
T3 - 98.49s - Seemed to have plateau'd in the 98s, finishing 5th out of 5 overall scoring 92.77 points

Winner - Chris Howard-Harris 91.04s

Although I managed to set a new PB, that was largely down to the bigger engine, I need to be more confident at carrying more speed into and out of corners. In total there were 86 competitors in various classes from different clubs. My final placing overall was 25th fastest.

The first 2 photos are courtesy of Treloen Penycate - Photography & Design For Motorsport.

April 2010
Round 1 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2010

P1 - 111.60s - Dry and sunny. As this was my second visit, a much more confident start to practice.
T1 - 108.09s - Same conditions.
T2 - 105.28s - Even warmer by the afternoon and I managed to beat my previous PB by 2.54s.
T3 - 105.80s - Just couldn't find that little extra something to improve on my PB, finishing 8th out of 8th overall scoring 91.51 points

Winner - Matthew Willoughby 96.34s

Although I managed to set a new PB, I was slightly disappointed not to have set a faster time as this time I am using Kumhos, compared to some old Yokohama A048Rs.

April 2009
Round 1 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2009

P1 - 118.62s - First ever circuit of Goodwood, damp conditions
T1 - 111.76s - Track drying, more confidence and massive improvement
T2 - 109.75s - Braking now left much later, another 2 seconds shaved off
T3 - 107.82s - Last run and yet another improvement. A very satisfying day, finishing 11th out of 12 overall scoring 90.37 points

Winner - Mike Sankey 97.44s

This was my first ever Sprint so I was encouraged to write a blog for the club's website and this can be found here. For this event I was using Yokohama A032Rs which were getting on for 6/7 years old. Definitely time for a change, so with the advice of other sprinters ringing in my ears I order some Kumho Ecsta V70s for the next event.

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