Curborough 8 (L7C)

After many years the course layout was amended for the 2014 season and a 'cross-over' has been added that links Molehill to the Shenstone Straight. See the following image for the new sequence of events. The L7C will continue to use the original layout for it's May sprint and the new figure of 8 for the August sprint.

August 2018
Round 13 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2018

P1 - 96.30s - Cautious first run due to wet conditions
P2 - 78.71s - Still wet, but finding my feet
T1 - 94.44s - Going well until I spun on exit at Fradleys
T2 - 71.83s - First in Class!

August 2017
Round 10 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2017

P1 - 63.40s - A little too cautious
P2 - 62.17s - Usual second run improvement
T1 - 62.86s - All it takes is a missed gear change...
T2 - 62.03s - Unfortunately no PB this time...
T3 - 63.94s - One second penalty for hitting a cone at Flagpole
T4 - 62.93s - Trying too hard on the last run as ever

Winner - Mark Durrant - 58.23s

My official photographer (Maggie!), helps out in the Paddock Office on L7C Curborough days, so I'm grateful to Dave Clarke for providing the photos below.

August 2016
Round 12 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2016

P1 - 63.65s - Dry and warm conditions
P2 - 62.14s - Bringing the time down
T1 - 61.41s - A new PB
T2 - 62.06s - Trying too hard
T3 - 61.36s - Another new PB and winner of the Edward Lewis Prize for Class 6

Winner - Shaun Elwell 58.35s

August 2014
Round 7 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2014

P1 - 64.60s - First practice on new layout
P2 - 62.82s - Nice improvement
T1 - 62.35s - Turns out to be my best run of the day
T2 - 64.67s - Guilty of trying too hard...
T3 - 62.64s - ...and not concentrating!

Winner - Mike Sankey 60.16s

The photos below are courtesy of Chris Davies.

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