Castle Combe

July 2018
Round 10 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2018

P1 - 83.85s - Heavy shower 5 minutes before P1!
P2 - 68.61s - Rest of the day largely dry with very strong winds
T1 - 68.11s - Just under a second slower than my PB
T2 - 68.13s

Winner - Jeremy Davies - 64.15s

July 2017
Round 8 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2017

P1 - 74.86s - Heavy rain overnight so track was still damp with patches of standing water
P2 - 69.89s - Track dried out a bit with a drying wind...
T1 - 68.73s - ...but at best it was only a warm day
T2 - 72.55s - Unfortunately there was a light shower just before T2...

Winner - Shaun Elwell - 64.32s

July 2016
Round 10 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2016

P1 - 74.74s - Very misty to start
P2 - 69.29s - Much better performance after 4 years away and a new PB
T1 - 68.54s - Another new PB
T2 - 67.12s - A new PB, an improvement of approx. 5.36s, bearing in mind starting point has changed from main straight to pit lane

Winner - Shaun Elwell 62.82s

June 2012
Round 7 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2012

P1 - 76.92s - Warm and partly cloudy all day. Far too cautious on practice
P2 - 73.21s - A much better practice run.
T1 - 72.48s - Felt much quicker than the time showed, although it was a new PB by 2.84s
T2 - 75.38s - Gearbox full of neutrals at Quarry.....

Winner - Stuart Miller 65.93s

June 2010
Round 7 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2010

P1 - 78.39s - First time at Castle Combe, hot and sunny all day.
P2 - 75.64s - A substantial improvement on only my second run.
T1 - 75.93s - Actually thought this was a quicker run, but the timekeeper never lies...
T2 - 75.32s - Best time of the day for me, but seemed to plateau in the '75s'.

Winner - Matthew Willoughby 70.90s

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