Trip to Nürburgring

During our stay in Alsace in September 2004, and as the 'Ring was only 150 miles away, we decided it was an opportunity not to be missed so we arranged a two night stay in Adenau and spent a day on the 'Ring. The photos below also show some pictures of our journey to the 'Ring from our base in Alsace. Whilst there we also visited the museum (Faszination Nürburgring) and shop. For more pictures of track day action see here.

Medieval German architecture in Adenau
We tried to book the Hotel an der Nordschleife above, which was recommended by Angus & Tessa, but they were fully booked. However, Eddy Mather, who owns the hotel, very kindly put us up in his Mother's house in Adenau!
This is the view from the Hotel an der Nordschleife, where we had breakfast each morning, showing part of the Nordschleife circuit.

Autographed tyres at the Hotel an der Nordschleife

Automotive art at the Nürburgring GP Circuit!
Juan Manuel Fangio
Display in the Museum at Nürburgring
Elva Porsche Mk 7 P

Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

View from Nürburg Castle - you can just spot the circuit top left
Nürburg Castle
Roll up, roll up, get your tickets here!
Into the unknown (first ever lap)
View from Grüne Hölle Restaurant with the public road alongside the straight
Rules of the 'Ring
Blau Ecke - This place is steeped in history as many of the drivers of yesteryear stayed here when racing at the 'Ring. If you get a chance, ask to see the old register, it makes entertaining reading over dinner when you can spot amusing entries and sketches from Graham Hill, Colin Chapman, Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart and Innes Ireland, to name but a few
Cochem on the Moselle
Riverside view at Bernkastel
Incredibly steep vineyards at Bernkastel. It's only when you get up close you realise just how steep they are when you see mechanical chairlifts for the pickers to move up and down the vines