Brands Hatch

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August 2011

This was my first trackday for 3 years since I started sprinting. This was an open pit lane track evening (5.30-8.00pm) organised on behalf of the Lotus 7 Club by MotorSport Vision. This would give me an opportunity to see how the new Zetec engine performed on track.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't kind to us as the days before and after were warm and sunny and on the day we had been forecast torrential rain. Luckily the worst of the rain missed the circuit but the track was very greasy especially around Clearways. However, as the evening wore on a heavy drizzle turned into light showers, but that didn't seem to deter too many people from enjoying themselves. I kept pushing on until the inevitable spin at clearways when I just got on the power too soon.....

It did seem strange, but this was the first trackday I'd been on with fading light that required the use of lights, albeit just sidelights!

Here's a clip of some video footage from the evening.....

September 2008

This was the 6th year running that I had completed the L7C trackday at Brands Hatch. However, this was the first trackday since the rebuild and I'm pleased to say that there were no problems and that the handling was noticeably better with wide track suspension and new adjustable dampers all round.

The on-track action photos are courtesy of Xtreme Sports Photography.

Angus shows some originality in preparing lunch.....
....whilst Steve sticks with the time-honoured burger & chips

September 2007

This was my 5th consecutive year at the L7C trackday at Brands Hatch and, in between many circuits of the track, I managed to take some photos this time!

Andy Webber asks "Does my bum look big in this?"

September 2006

This was my 4th year running at the L7C trackday at Brands Hatch and I was enjoying myself so much that I only managed to take one photo!

December 2005

For the second year running, I attended Easytrack's last trackday of the year at Brands Hatch Indy Circuit one week before Christmas. Although dry, the weather was extremely cold, so much so that we had to wait until the heavy frost had cleared at Clearways before we were allowed out onto the circuit. Due to this, we were nearly an hour late starting. However, as it was a bright, sunny day, Easytrack were able to extend the circuit time from 3pm to just before 4pm. Again, there was the usual mix of trackday weaponry including Caterhams, Radicals, Porsches, Mini Coopers etc. In addition to this, Maggie May's boss turned up in his Prosport LM3000 which was the quickest car by far and really too fast for the small Indy circuit due to the mix of participants. Most of the following photos are courtesy of SDImaging.

Tam prepares for the first sortie of the day
Waiting patiently for the action to start
R300 KAT
Sevens in convoy
C7CAT leads the pack, but not for long
Prosport LM3000 being prepared for the track
As ever, a varied mix of trackday weaponry
Entering Paddock Hill Bend
Three Sevens hunting down a Porsche
Another lap completed
Entering Druids
Heading for the apex at Druids

Differing views of McLaren

September 2005

Another selection of photos, this time from the Lotus 7 Club trackday on the Grand Prix circuit. Unfortunately, as the previous day had seen the inaugural A1 Grand Prix take place at Brands, the Club were unable to access the pits and had to 'slum it' in the Paddock.

Using the marquee in the Paddock for pits
Never a welcome sight
Bottoming out at Paddock
Adil keeping a tight line at Druids

Although murky, at least it stayed dry all day

C7CAT's work is done for the day

December 2004

After several years of participating in Summer trackdays, I have no idea what possessed me to book a trackday one week before Christmas, especially as the night before was very wet! Fortunately, cometh the day, cometh the weather and as you can see from the following photos, the weather was incredibly kind to us, even if it was a tad on the cold side. The trackday was organised by Easytrack and comprised 40 cars participating on an open pit lane basis. There was a good mixture of cars ranging from Radicals, Porsche GT3s, a Ferrari F40, numerous Caterhams, a (new) Mini Cooper and a Jaguar. All the following photos are courtesy of SDImaging.

Entering Clark Curve
Entering Paddock Hill Bend
McLaren with Brabham Straight in the background
Clark Curve
Starting the descent at Paddock
Leaving Brabham Straight
Heading into the sunset up Hailwood Hill towards Druids Bend

Entering Druids

September 2004

Another well organised and superbly run L7C trackday on the GP circuit involving over 100 se7ens. Yet again, the weather was kind to us, it stayed dry all day. There were no serious incidents, just one or two minor offs.

Exiting Clark Curve
The English trait of queueing politely is much in evidence!
Another session waiting to start
Hang on folks, wait for me!

Cooper Straight - hunting down Chris Aylward

September 2003

Here is a selection of photos taken at the L7C trackday where there were approximately 110 Sevens taking part on the full GP circuit.

An expectant pit lane
Busy in the pits
C7CAT takes the lead in the pits
Cooper Straight
Brabham Straight
C7CAT returns to the pits
C7CAT weighing in at 560kg
Waiting for the session to start
Steve Walker and Chris Aylward ready to go
Waiting for the final session

Is it brown, or is it orange?

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