Yorkshire Speed Trophy Meeting

Organised by British Automobile Racing Club Yorkshire Centre. This traditionally takes place the day before the Montague Burton Trophy Meeting which is a round of the Caterham & Lotus 7 Club Speed Championship and as a result many of us take part for a bit of extra practice.

August 2022

On the day before the Harewood Hillclimb, we visited Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington, Yorkshire which is a really interesting museum with loads of aircraft on display from as early as 1902, WW2 artefacts and currently a section regarding the Falklands War 40th Anniversary. Photos from the Museum can be seen here.

The weather was very warm and dry

P1 - 65.16s
P2 - 64.28s
T1 - 63.87s
T2 - 65.02s
T3 - 63.28s   A new PB but only for the Hill, not for the Championship
T4 - 65.49s

It was a close contest:

Chris Whitlow - 63.01s
Mike Sankey - 63.15s
Me - 63.28s

Amazing sky whilst driving back to our B&B

August 2021

The weather was cold and damp first thing, warmed up a little during the day, with occasional light showers.

P1 - 67.40s - Very damp
P2 - 65.56s - Damp but drying
T1 - 69.79s - Wet
T2 - 70.93s - Very damp
T3 - 71.18s - Light shower whilst waiting on the access road

Winner - Mike Sankey - 66.74s

August 2019

P1 - 65.65s
P2 - 63.16s
T1 - 63.88s
T2 - 65.07s
T3 - 63.84s

Winner - Mike Sankey - 62.01s

August 2018

P1 - 66.08s - New track surface, a little damp
P2 - 63.75s - Best run of the day, but only practice
T1 - 63.89s - A missed gearchange is all it takes....
T2 - 63.83s - At least very consistent today.

August 2017

P1 - 66.09s - The usual cautious start
P2 - 65.50s - Getting quicker
T1 - 63.88s - Warm, dry day, nearly a new PB...
T2 - 64.36s - Trying too hard as usual on the last run

August 2016

P1 - 68.01s - The track was very 'green' to start with and not much grip
P2 - 64.15s - More grip, so a good improvement
T1 - 63.52s - Almost a new PB
T2 - 63.91s - Not to be this time

Winner - Shaun Elwell - 61.85s

Although my best time of 63.42 was nearly a new PB (63.26), the fact that this year there was no tyre warming may have played a part.

August 2015

P1 - 66.01s - Dry, sunny day, cautious start
P2 - 64.42s - Good improvement, still dry
T1 - 63.59s - A new PB by 0.14s, good enough for First in Class (but I was the only entrant!)
T2 - 80.56s - After lunch the rain came and times tumbled
T3 - 79.16s - See above

August 2014

P1 - 83.68s - A very wet and cautious start
P2 - 75.90s - Now just very damp
T1 - 67.31s - Track beginning to dry
T2 - 65.45s - Now dry so I can start to improve...
T3 - 75.63s - Back to square 1 after a light shower
T4 - 66.10s - Now reasonably dry but too late for me to significantly improve

Winner - Mike Sankey 63.21s

August 2012

P1 - 68.41s - Warm and partly cloudy all day. Far too cautious on practice
P2 - 66.52s - Much improved
T1 - 65.26s - Still improving
T2 - 66.27s - A couple of poor lines meant losing precious time
T3 - 65.08s - back on track
T4 - 65.01s - Finally, best time of the day for me and a new PB by 0.5s

Winner - Stuart Miller 60.42s

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