August 2022

We went up to Harewood a day earlier to avoid the Friday traffic and visited the Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington, Yorkshire.

1853 Cayley Governable Parachute BAPC89
The glider flew 50 years before the Wright Brothers' first powered flight in 1903
1903 Wright Brothers Flyer
- the world's first aeroplane
1916 SE5a Fighter flown in WW1 as the fastest aircraft in service at the time
1952 Handley Page Victor Tanker
which flew in the Falklands War
1949 Fairey Gannet with double wing-fold
to enable it to be stored below decks
1967 Hawker Siddeley Nimrod Maritime Reconnaisance Aircraft
Seawolf and anti-aircraft missile
flown in the Falklands War
1940 Rolls Royce Merlin engine for the Halifax, Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and Defiant
The original control tower used by
RAF Bomber Command at Elvington
The Crew of 'Friday the 13th' Halifax Bomber led by Flight Officer Cliff R R Smith of 158 Squadron
'Friday the 13th', so named by FO Smith when the aircraft arrived because there had been a succession of losses of previous Halifax Bombers - the aircraft flew 128 missions from 30th March 1944 without being shot down
Strange man standing next to a Halifax Bomber wheel to give a perspective of size
77 Squadron setting off on a raid to Berlin
from RAF Elvington in 1943
1943 Gloster Meteor F8 flown during the end of WW2 and in the Cold War
1964 Dassault Mirage IVA, a part of France's nuclear deterrent force brought to the Yorkshire Air Museum as the French Air Force had two bomber squadrons based there in WW2
An aircraft plant trough outside Bomber Command
90cm searchlight projector
A well-known part of a famous speech given by Winston Churchill on 20th August 1940 after the success of the Battle of Britain