Wiscombe Park

On 8th September 2022, HM Queen Elizabeth II died. She was the only Monarch any of us had ever known, so the loss is great, but we are thankful that she was our Queen for over 70 years.   May she Rest in Peace.    At Wiscombe Park, two days later, we held a two minute silence and the National Anthem was played.  God Save the King.

September 2022
Round 14 - Caterham & Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2022

The weather was dry and warm with a mixture of sun and cloud, though after a heavy morning dew the track was damp first thing as the hill climb is mostly covered by trees.

P1 - 51.33s
T1 - 47.33s
T2 - 46.44s
T3 - 45.49s   PB by 0.01s !!

September 2021
Round 12 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2021

The weather was dry and warm with a mixture of sun and cloud, though it had rained the previous day, so the hill climb was still damp as it is mostly covered by trees.

P1 - 53.28s
T1 - 46.77s
T2 - 46.07s
T3 - 45.50s

I came 3rd in Class. The winner was Mike Sankey with a time of 45.15s and a mere 0.35s separated the top three drivers with only 0.05s between myself and Tom Scanlan in 2nd place!

On the journey home, Maggie took a photo of Stonehenge on her phone as we drove past

September 2020
Round 12 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2020

Another socially distanced, mask-wearing event, but we were glad to be taking part as this hill climb is very popular with a lovely selection of cars, bikes and the odd side car! The weather was dry and warm with a mixture of sun and cloud.

P1 - 50.57s
T1 - 48.26s
T2 - 46.48s
T3 - 46.24s

September 2019
Round 14 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2019

This was my first visit since my novice year in 2009 and that was with the 140bhp Crossflow engine. A very cautious start, but significant improvements made throughout the day resulting in beating my previous time of 48.65s. Times
P1 - 53.21s
P2 - 47.93s
T1 - 45.94s
T2 - 45.27s

Winner - Jeremy Davies 42.64s - new Class 5 record

September 2009
Round 13 - Lotus Seven Speed Championship 2009

P1 - 56.78s - First time at Wiscombe Park, A very cautious approach to my 1st run. Hot and sunny
P2 - 50.41s - Greatly improved run, although still learning the hill
T1 - 48.65s - Another significant improvement
T2 - 49.32s - Good run, slightly slower

Winner - Mike Sankey 43.88s

Start leading to Wis Corner
View from Wis Corner to Bunny's Leap
Bunny's Leap
The Esses Part 1
The Esses Part 2
Sawbench Corner
Castle Straight from Sawbench Corner
Castle Straight
Approach to Martini Corner
Martini Corner leading to...
...The Finish
Wiscombe House
Bottom Paddock from Bunny's Leap
Top Paddock - cars waiting...
...to return to Bottom Paddoack
MG Midget & MGB GT
MG PA (1934) & MG TA (1937)
Lotus 23B...
Paul Forster's 1983 Super 7 Twincam
1953 Cooper Bristol T23 Mk2
MGB GTs (foreground) & MG Coupes (background)
1966 Lotus Cortina Mk1
It's a hard life in between runs
C7CAT waiting for next run
It's all too much for David Nelson
Local wildlife. we were advised that if a pheasant strayed onto the hill we would be afforded a re-run

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