Summer Solstice Blat

June 2009

This was the idea of 'Solent 7s'. The orginal idea was for them to blat through the night to see the sunrise at England's most easterly point, this being at Lowestoft was perhaps a little too far so they settled on the most easterly point in Southern England which was Broadstairs.

News soon spread to other groups who also joined in. I joined up with the Kent posse and we met near Bluewater at 3am on the morning of 21 June with the aim of reaching Joss Bay in Broadstairs to see the sun rise at 4.30am.

As you can imagine nothing is open at that time in the morning so a 'camping breakfast' was planned with disposable BBQs and gas stoves for coffee and bacon rolls etc. Unfortunately it wasn't the clearest of days and the sunrise was somewhat cloudy.

The final 7 count was for an impressive 22 Caterhams and their owners and we had to share the carpark with the local Pagans as they also celebrated the Summer Solstice.

Eventually we bade our farewells and I managed to arrive home by 8am, after a great blat (wish the roads were this empty all of the time), in time to take SWMBO her morning cup of tea in bed!!!