Sky Ranger Swift 912


On 11th August 2021 I headed off to Deanland Airfield in Ripe, East Sussex at the invitation of a L7C friend, Ray Pearce. He has built his own aircraft, a Sky Ranger Swift 912 and a few of us from the Club went along to the airfield to see him and the aircraft and he kindly took us up for flights in it. When my turn came we taxied along the grass strip and headed for the start of the 'runway' and set off towards Heathfield where we completed a tight loop around our house where I video'd Maggie in the garden and she took photos from below. Maggie had been able to follow our progress fron the airfield via the FlightRadar24 app on her phone.

The aircraft is classified as a microlight which is an aeroplane designed to carry either one person or two people (and not more) and which has a maximum total weight authorised (MTWA) not exceeding:

300 kg for a single seat landplane
390 kg for a single seat landplane for which a UK Permit to Fly or Certificate of Airworthiness was in force prior to 1 January 2003
450 kg for a two seat landplane
330 kg for a single seat amphibian or floatplane
495 kg for a two seat amphibian or floatplane

Ray's aircraft is the middle one and it's dry weight is just 250kg.