Loire Valley

After two very successful Bordeaux Blats in 2002 and 2003, we decided to give an opportunity to other Club members to sample the hospitality of Hugh & Kay and other villagers in Montignac. However, as a group we had enjoyed ourselves immensely so decided to 'go it alone' and organise our own trip to another wine region. We eventually all settled on the Loire Valley and rented two adjoining gites in Chambourg-sur-Indre near Loches in July 2004.

Congregating at Folkestone around 6am!

The Manor
The Grange
Interior of The Manor
Interior of The Grange
Mmmm, that smells good!
We will have this BBQ outside!
The 3 wise men playing air guitar
How many for dinner?
Chenonceaux Chateau built for Henry II
in the 16th Century
Gallery across the River Cher
for Catherine de Medici, Henry II's wife
Landscaped gardens for Diane de Poitiers
Henry II's mistress
Back at base, a colourful array of 7s...

...and their owners!

The wine (and food) at the restaurant overhanging the weir was excellent, so we took a photo of the label and...
...sought out the vineyard the next day!
These are the caves of M Daniel Jarry who very kindly showed us around
After an extended wine tasting, we bought 72 bottles of wine between us!
A moving shot of a Hotel de Ville we flew past
en route to somewhere!
The Citadel of Loches

C7CAT under the Pont Romain in Chambourg


Before and after shots of wine consumption between 16 people in one week (hic!)

And now for something wheely different!
Last meal of the holiday in Loches