March 2019

Whilst we were recently in the Cotswolds, we visited the Jet Age Museum at Staverton Airfield in Gloucester. This museum celebrates Gloucestershire's rich aviation heritage from the early days of flight, through the birth of the Jet Age to the present day. It is staffed only by volunteers, some of whom flew in the aircraft that are on display.

Gloster Gamecock - last wooden fighter
Gloster Gamecock showing wooden infrastructure
Gloster Gauntlet - last fighter with open cockpit
Gloster Gladiator - last biplane fighter
Hawker Hurricane with Rolls Royce Merlin engine sitting underneath
Chris was fortunate to sit in a Gnat fighter cockpit
Britain's first production jet engine
Rolls Royce RB 23 Welland
Gloster Javelin - cold war-era delta wing fighter
Selection of flying instruments
and centre of gravity determinator
Horsa Glider replica
From the Pioneer to the Jet Age
Unibus - a motor scooter manufactured by aircraft designer
Harold Boultbee at the Gloucestershire Aircraft Company

Avro Vulcan cockpit tour

Avro Vulcan cockpit tour

Gloster Meteor - UK's first jet fighter
Gloster E28/39 Pioneer - Britain's first jet

Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown, 95, the last surviving pilot to have flown the first British jet, the Gloster E28/39 opened the Museum in May 2014

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