April 2013
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

As Goodwood wasn't one of the L7C Speed Championship rounds this year I decided I would enter anyway through my membership of Sevenoaks & District Motor Club. This year the format of the sprint has changed from a single lap to 1.8 laps (4.4 miles) where you start from the end of the pit lane and finish just after Woodcote on the second time round.

P1 - 000.00s - First practice, no time as 'red flagged'
T1 - 191.52s - Cold and dry, very conservative
T2 - 189.67s - Dry and warm, still way too conservative. I'm driving as if it's a trackday!
T3 - 182.58s - Still dry, but much warmer, finally start to shake off the cobwebs but too little too late....

Winner - Chris Howard-Harris 169.48s

My time was only good enough for 8th place (15 class entrants)

Sprinting & Hillclimbing