Garonne Gumball 2008

This year, our group including Jenny & Steve, Brent & Tricia, Mike & Tam, Clive & Yvonne, Mike & Valerie and Crudders, headed down to a property called Le Pech in Belveze, near Montaigu de Quercy in Tarn et Garonne.

This year we all met up at Speedferries in Dover, but due to running problems the ferry left a little early and a certain you-know-who was left on the quay but caught us up at our first overnight stop, over 300 miles later, just in time for dinner at Auberge de Launay in Limeray, near Amboise on Thursday night.

Our second day's journey was just over 200 miles and we stayed overnight at La Croix du Reh in Chateauneuf La Foret, on Friday night, passing a spectacular riverside chateau on the way.

... and then we finally arrived at our destination, Le Pech.

Nice pinny, Steve!

Tournon d'Agenais was a pretty hilltop village not far from where we were staying

We played many games of Scrabble...
...and Maggie had this really useful set of letters!
Val & Mike presented all of us with a cake as a thank you for the presents we bought them for their wedding last year
A Hummingbird Hawk Moth on the lavender outside the house!
The first round of the loudest shirt competition!
The final of the loudest shirt competition which we think Brent won!
Although Steve looks worse for wear, he was apparently deflating an inflatable!
The requisite photo of the bottle wall which was lower than normal this year, we must try harder next time!

On the journey home we all split up as Steve & Jenny and Mike & Tam preferred to return with just one overnight stop and Mike & Valerie were remaining in France for a few more days. Our first stopover was at La Belle Vue in Sussac, near Limoges, on Saturday night. This was a lovely B&B, owned by Martin & Carole Baker who hail from Oxford.

Our final stopover was at L'Île de Sées, where we have now stayed on four occasions. Following the inclusion on his website of a picture of our Sevens, Nicolas, the owner, has been inundated with other car clubs and a group of Daimler Darts were staying at the same time as us on their way home from the Le Mans Classic.