Flying Lesson

On 28 September 2011 I had my first (and only) flying lesson in a Cessna 152 with EFG Flying School at Biggin Hill Airport. This was a present from Maggie May on the understanding that I didn't take up flying lessons!! After a short briefing we took off for a 60 minute flight and I was given the controls and asked to undertake several manoeuvres and learn how to control the aircraft. Although it was a bright clear sunny day on the ground I was surprised just how much haze reduces visibility once up in the air.

Generally, I found the basics fairly easy to master but attempting to land in a mild crosswind required the help of the instructor. It felt so weird that in order to fly straight you have to fly at an angle to compensate for the crosswind!

I think if I won the lottery gaining my PPL would be high up on the list...