Filching Manor Motor Museum

April 2018

Private Tour of Filching Manor House, Motor Museum and Bluebird K3 workshop.

Ian Bruce arranged a private tour on behalf of Kent Sevens on Sunday, 1st April 2018 which comprised a guided tour, by the owner Karl Foulkes-Halbard of the Manor house, the Motor Shed and the Workshop where Bluebird K3 is housed. The Manor House dates back to 1450AD and is still lived in today. It also contains much motoring memorabilia with some interesting history. There are two motor sheds, as Karl refers to them, and these contain a wealth of interesting items as can be seen in the photos below. Finally, we were given a guided tour around the K3 Bluebird workshop which houses the original Bluebird that Sir Malcolm Campbell used to set three World Water Speed Records. For more comprehensive information visit their website here.

At the bottom of this page you'll find an article scanned from the July 2018 Octane Magazine.

Donald Camppbell Bluebird K7 1964 (model)
Gina Campbell Agfa Bluebird II 1984-90 (model)

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