Curborough 8 (BMMC)

After many years the course layout was amended for the 2014 season and a 'cross-over' has been added that links Molehill to the Shenstone Straight. See the following image for the new sequence of events. The BMMC will continue to use the original layout for it's May sprint and the new figure of 8 for the August sprint.


May 2023

This year the Curborough 8 sprint was moved from August to May and coincided with King Charles III's Coronation on Saturday 6th May. We brought a cake to the circuit that we had decorated in the form of the Union Jack, so at lunchtime we all celebrated The King's Coronation with a piece of cake!


The weather was unfortunately damp, wet and cold most of the day at 12/13C, so the track never fully dried but I was happy to get 1st in Class on T1.

P1 - 74.42s
P2 - 79.70s
T1 - 66.95s
T2 - 72.55s

Julie Hill, the wife of Steve Hill, Clerk of the Course
kindly made everyone a yummy Coronation Trifle! Thanks, Julie!

August 2022

The weather was warm and sunny with little cloud.

P1 - 63.73s
P2 - 61.87s
T1 - 62.05s
T2 - 62.45s

The following 4 track photos are courtesy of Dave Clarke

2nd in Class

August 2021

The weather was partly cloudy with a temperature of 20 degrees.

P1 - 64.79s
T1 - 63.62s
T2 - 63.39s
T3 - 63.13s

1st in Class

August 2019
British Motorsport Marshals Club

P1 - 62.85s
P2 - 62.81s
T1 - 61.75s 0.39s short of my PB
T2 - 62.92s

August 2018
British Motorsport Marshals Club

P1 - 73.14s - Overnight rain left the track a little damp
P2 - 66.35s - Drying out nicely
T1 - 62.79s - Warm and dry...
T2 - 61.97s - ...0.37s shy of a win.

Anyone for noughts & crosses?

August 2017
British Motorsport Marshals Club

P1 - 63.88s - Quite a good start for me!
P2 - 62.50s - Even better...
T1 - 62.32s - Slightly quicker, still struggling with understeer
T2 - 61.63s - Revised damper settings, less understeer, nearly a PB

A short video taken by Maggie of the start of one of my runs

August 2016
British Motorsport Marshals Club

In the August runs at Curborough we use the figure of 8 circuit and as in all sprints this year, tyre warming was not allowed so everyone found it harder to get off the line.

P1 - 76.36s - Damp conditions for P1, hence a very apprehensive time
P2 - 63.91s - Drier, so a better time
T1 - 61.63s - Dry conditions and nearly equalled my PB
T2 - Rain arrived and nobody bothered taking T2

August 2014
British Motorsport Marshals Club

P1 - 65.19s - First practice on new layout
T1 - 66.37s - Terrible run
T2 - 63.77s - Now settling down with better lines
Sadly the day suffered from a couple of 'offs' (no-one injured) which caused a few time delays.

Winner - Jeremy Davies 60.42s

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