Following on from the Brittany Blat, a few of us stayed on and travelled down to the Charente-Maritime region. Our first port of call was a little village south west of La Rochelle by the name of Port d'Envaux where we stayed at Chateau Mouillepied. During our stay we visited Saintes and La Rochelle. We then spent three days heading back to Calais stopping off at Hotel Les Ondines in Chateauneuf-sur-Sarthe, Hotel de la Tour in Pont de L'Arche and La Bonne Auberge in Bremes Les Ardres.

Approaching Pont de St-Nazaire...
...making the crossing
One of many fields of sunflowers
Chateau Mouillepied
Sevens on the Chateau's drive
The view from our room
Germanicus Arch in Saintes
Ever wondered where Nessie went? Couldn't quite fathom why she appeared in the river in Saintes!
Amphitheatre in Saintes
Watching an imaginary gladiatorial contest!
A very typical French town hall
Don't know what happened to the top half of Saint Louis!
Les Tours de la Chaine, La Rochelle
An intriguing lighthouse in the centre of town (yes, we know why it's there!!)
The inmates at Hotel Les Ondines
The obligatory photo after visiting Le Musee du Mans
Yet another of our trips down the Mulsanne Straight
Striking a pose at Indianapolis
Lotus Elite XIV 1961
Ford GT40 1967
Jaguar XJR 9 LM 1988
If only blatting in England was like this...
Poppies are to Northern France as sunflowers are to Southern France
Driving the 22km of the Allee des Limousins, Eawy Forest near St Saens
Weather-beaten, aeroscreened warriors up close and personal
Our final overnight stay before returning home via Calais