Bergerac Blat 2006

This year, our group comprising Mike & Tam (this year's voluntary organisers), Peter & Rosina, Brent & Tricia, Andy & Lin, Steve & Jenny, Hugh & Susie, Adil, Crudders, Mike and ourselves, headed down to a property called Les Grand Chênes near Monbazillac in Bergerac.

As before, we decided to take a leisurely drive to our destination and stayed at L'Île de Sées in Vandel near Sées on Thursday night (and on the return journey) and then at Le Chalet Fleuri in Chauvigny near Poitiers on Friday night.

All in all it was another good trip, the weather was very hot on the way down, more so than when we were there! Nevertheless, we didn't let the rain dampen our spirits, as the following photos show. In total, we clocked up 1,500 miles and the reception to our 7s in France was very welcoming as usual. Driving the 7 in France is so much more enjoyable than in the UK.

An alternative view
Mike Hoile
Mike & Tam (How does she fall asleep with aeros?)
Yours truly!
Andy & Lin
First night stop L'Ile de Sees
Mike directing the photo shoot
Navigators strike a pose
Mulsanne Straight
View from the pool 1
View from the pool 2

7s en route to Montignac
7s leaving Hugh & Kay's
Convoy back to Bergerac
Inflatable volleyball
Peter & Rosina
Brent & Tricia
A very common sight
Motor museum near Bergerac
Unusual wall decorations
Spot the Lotus Elite
Lotus Twin Cam in Jack Brabham's 1961 Formula 1 car
More of a car collection than a museum really
Maggie May
Lunch stop near Monbazillac
..and we wondered why the owners asked if we had any children with us!
Incoming dolphin
It was all too much for Peter
Guess who?
Rosina on Beachcomber Fun Island
Chilling on the window ledge
No-one was safe from the camera
Bloke dancing - Greek style
Cake awarded to Crudders for exceptional timekeeping!
Enjoying a quiet beer just before we had to dive for cover inside!
Roque Gageac
After lunch, a boat trip
One of many Chateaux
Don't ask what Mike's doing here. We never did find out.
Appalling conditions for driving with aeros and no helmets
A visit to the hot tub to warm up!!
Just why are the girls smiling so much?
Quiet before the wonderful electric storm
BBQmeister Steve
Another photo shoot
Requisite group photo
7s preparing for bad weather overnight

Unfortunate roadkill