Seven Paraphernalia

Other versions of C7CAT and 7 related bits 'n' bobs collected over the years...

Piston Broke - Andorra July 2010           

...and more cakes

Photo printed onto canvas           

...and now for something completely different

Cross-stitch by my father           

Another watercolour by Maggie's uncle to reflect the new colour scheme

Another of Angus's cartoons to reflect the new colours   

A mosaic created by 'Fletch' of L7C. See here for an enlarged picture showing how the mosaic is created.

A personalised 3D sculpture in aluminium by X3D Sculptures   

A cartoon which was one of a selection drawn by Angus of L7C

A watercolour painted by Maggie's uncle       

A cake made as a surprise for my 40th Birthday party (pre-upgradeitis!)