This year The Rumble was organised by Arnie, the Count and Stelios. The route involved visiting the 4 south-east counties of Kent, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex. The overall route was 121 miles and the following maps, together with directions, were issued to each car at the beginning of each stage.

Please click on the link below each map for a larger version of the maps and accompanying directions.

Stage 1 - 40 miles Stage 2 - 30 miles
Stage 3 - 35 miles
Stage 4 - 16 miles
The Cape Blue Anchor, Blindley Heath to The Wheatsheaf, Plummers Plain The Wheatsheaf, Plummers Plain to High Rocks and The Spa Valley Railway
High Rocks and The Spa Valley Railway to The Spotted Dog, Penshurst
The Spotted Dog, Penshurst to The Cape Blue Anchor, Blindley Heath

7s arriving for signing-on
C7CAT allocated No. 32
The car park begins to fill up
Synchronised parking
The start
Me first! The rush begins....
Steve & Jenny lead the pack and even won a prize for being the first to get lost after 300 yds!
Coffee break at The Wheatsheaf pub....
...and car park
C7CAT tries to stay dry, at least, on the inside
Lunch at High Rocks
Deteriorating conditons in the afternoon...
Alternative wet-weather gear for aeroscreening

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