Pembrey Clubmans Circuit

4 June 2022
Round 5 - Caterham & Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship 2022

This was my first time sprinting at Pembrey, really pleased with improvements on each run. Just a shame there was no time for a T3 as I think there's plenty more to come...

P1 - 146.80s
T1 - 137.43s
T2 - 131.19s

It was the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Weekend
so Maggie decorated our EZUp accordingly...
...and we made a cake to suit the occasion,
sharing it with our fellow competitors
Other cars taking part included a Markos Mantula
STM Phoenix

Low Flying - Pembrey Sprint Weekend

Maggie sent some photos from the Pembrey Sprint to Michael Calvert, the Editor of Low Flying as the sprint was on the Queen's Jubilee Weekend and was amazed when she saw the July edition to find that Michael had very kindly added all 6 of her photos to the article!

Sprinting & Hillclimbing