This page shows my collection of Tamiya, Scalextric, Kyosho and other models.

Tamiya Model Build

Tamiya 1/12 scale Caterham Super Seven BDR cycle fender special
(manufactured under licence from both Cosworth Engineering and Caterham Cars)

A very impressive model kit (comprising over 550 parts including over 250 screws and other fixings) with full working front and rear suspension, steering, aluminium panels, metal wheels, exhaust and roll bar, rubber tyres and boot cover, detailed dashboard, synthetic carpeting, fabric seat belts, 'chrome' plated parts and a very detailed Cosworth BDR engine. It even has little bonnet springs!!!

This is actually more complex than building the Caterham in kit form as you start with the basic spaceframe and gradually add all of the aluminium body panels, scuttle, floor and interior panels. The steering rack, dampers, wheel hubs and windscreen all have to be individually assembled as well.

The longest time was spent assembling and installing the gearbox, bellhousing and dry-sumped engine which are all in the most incredible detail right down to HT leads, hoses, fan belts and engine mounts etc.

Unfortunately, some of the detail is hidden in the final model i.e. the petrol tank is beneath the aluminium boot floor and the pedal box complete with pedals and rubbers can only just be seen in the footwell.

The final touch is the provision of a wheel brace to attach the wheels via minute wheel nuts!

These models are now very rare in the UK and it appears that the only place to get hold of them is directly from Hong Kong via sellers on 'e-bay'.

Definitely, the best Caterham model on the market.






Scalextric 1/32 Models














Caterham Pewter Model

Kyosho 1/18 Models


Speed Freaks



Not quite sure why Maggie May bought me these!