August 2022

We went up to Curborough a day earlier to avoid the Friday traffic and visited the Museum of Making in Derby, which is housed in Derby Silk Mill.

Derby Silk Mill now houses the Museum of Making
As you enter the Musuem, there is a Toyota Corolla
suspended over the entrance hall
This 'exploded' view celebrates the engineering excellence
that goes into manufacturing such a vehicle
Rolls Royce Trent 1000 turbofan aero engine
Designed specifically for the Boeing 787
Over 85% of the engine's power is generated by the 2.8m diameter fan,
making it 50% quieter than the aero engines and 20% more efficient
A boat made from a hollowed-out
elm tree trunk from the Bronze Age
'Interlace' was inspired by mulberry silk moths and uses punch
cards which were developed in the textile industry in the 1800s to
form digitally responsive shapes using organic threads and fibre optics

A silk weaving loom from the 1800s