Le Mans

Our first trip to Le Mans was in 1998, before we even owned a Caterham. We bought C7CAT in February 1999, got married in March and went to Le Mans in C7CAT in June! It wasn't until 2000 that we found out about the Le Mans trip with L7C and went with the Club from 2000-2002.


Coffee and croissant stop on the way down
The 'Sangatte' refugees

Chris Aylward being shown a red card!


Jenny, Maggie, Tim, Chris A, Steve and Andy
TV presenter Mike Brewer saying "You're wired up wrong!"!
after Arnie gave him a test drive in his 7!
Start of the Le Mans 24 Hours race
Drinks break during the race - on the right hand side of the table
Jenny, Maggie, Chris, Chris A, Tim and Steve (almost out of shot)
It's all too much for Steve...
Chris is faring better!
Don't ask, we don't know either!
Cars during the race
Fans filling the stands
Race finish
Lap of honour after the race - 1st - LMP900 Audi Sport North America,
2nd - LMP900 Audi Sport Team Joest, 3rd - LMGTP Team Bentley
Crowds fill the track after the race


Queueing to board the ferry at Portsmouth
We camped on site - note the 2 eggs and butter
ready to fry for breakfast in the morning!
Moonies at Le Mans...
Arnie doing doughnuts in his 7
Race start
24 hours later...race finish
Crowds fill the track for the trophy presentations
7s parked along Arnage
Tents and 7s
7s parked at Gace for a meal stop on the way home
7s parked at Honfleur with Maggie by C7 CAT
Chris and Crudders at Honfleur on the way home

Maggie by C7 CAT at Honfleur



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