London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

(aka 'Sossiges')

As many of you will know, each year the last club event in the calendar is the annual gathering for John Howe's 'sossiges' at the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. All proceeds from this event go towards the club's charity Nuke the Leuk.

We all meet in a lay-by at Handcross for a BBQ, tyre kicking and to cheer on the amazing 'contraptions' that pass by on their way to Brighton. In previous years, there have been in in excess of 100 sevens at this event (the local school kindly letting us have use of their playground for a car park; in return the club makes a donation to school funds).

November 2009

The weather was appalling this year! About 6 or 7 of us met at The Harvester in Riverhead for the blat to Handcross in the knowledge that heavy rain and gale force winds were forecast. Fortunately we just made it to our destination before the heavens opened up.

For the next few hours everone huddled under the ESV's awning or under the EZ Up where the 'sossiges' were being cooked. Occasionally the EZ Up needed a person holding each corner to prevent lift-off. Eventually the wind took it's toll and I don't think it will see service again!

Full marks to the people who participate in year in the 'Run, especially this year a guy on a Penny Farthing who welcomed our invite for a coffee and a sausage roll as he regaled us with stories about how he'd ridden around the world on the Penny Farthing. Respect!

No pictures this year. Yours truly managed to forget the camera. Doh!

November 2008

November 2005

As you can see, the weather was its usual 'cheerful' self! But, more importantly, the last photo captures 'Mr Sossiges' himself (aka John Howe) modelling the latest style of driving boots!!!!!


November 2004

Don't ask, but this year I only managed to take one photo! This is a picture from the car park at the Grasshopper Inn in Westerham where for several years numerous Seveners have met up for a blat to Handcross.

November 2003

This year, the weather was particularly unkind and only a fraction of the normal number turned out. But those that did had a great time as always. Although I have been many times since, this was the first time I had taken a camera. Below you will see a small selection of photos.....







November 2001

L7C Trips