May 2023

We went up to Curborough a day earlier to avoid the Friday traffic and visited The Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. The Heights were built over 230 years ago for the enjoyment of Georgian tourists, but the underground caverns were actually formed over 350 million years ago. In the early 1700s, lead was mined from the caverns using just pick axes and working by the flame of a candle. Children started work there from as young as 6 years old.

Cable car up to The Heights
View from the cable car over Matlock Bath

Riding in the cable car up to The Heights

Matlock Slalom Course on the River Derwent
Approaching the summit

Views over the Derwent Valley from the top of The Heights

Willow sculptures
Initials of miners carved into the rock in 1705
Calcite crystals revealed when the cavern
walls were cleaned during the winter
Where we exited from the caverns
after climbing 159 steps underground!
The view looking back to the cable car base station
Bunting in Ashbourne near to Matlock Bath
for King Charles III's Coronation