Crystal Palace

May 2019
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

P1 - 39.02s
P2 - 39.42s
T1 - 38.73s
T2 - 38.11s
T3 - 37.54s - my best run of the day, but well off my PB and I lost out on 3rd place by 1/1000th of a second!

August 2017
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

P1 - 39.01s - Quite happy with the first run
P2 - 37.70s - Getting there...
T1 - 37.07s - Now struggling to find more time
T2 - 36.99s - Still struggling, but this was fast enough for 2nd in Class though way off my PB of 36.20s
T3 - 37.00s - Three consistent timed runs all within 8/100ths of a second of each other

Had a great day as usual, came Second in Class to Laurie Hatchard's Dax Rush Quadra (4WD and 5l V8) and the 11th fastest overall in a field of 66 cars. Definitely off the pace today, possibly something to do with three events in three days and a lot of travelling.

May 2016
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

P1 - 38.30s - Chilly but dry
P2 - 37.74s - Warming up
T1 - 36.83s - A new PB
T2 - 36.20s - Another PB
T3 - 36.69s - Trying that little bit too hard as usual

Another satisfying day knocking off 0.76s from last year's PB, getting First in Class and the 9th fastest overall.

May 2015
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

P1 - 38.74s - Excellent first practice, previous best on first run 40.84s
P2 - 38.45s - Small improvement, but still only practice
T1 - 36.96s - Brilliant run, new PB by 0.8s
T2 - 37.27s - One missed gear change makes all the difference!
T3 - 39.06s - It had been a dry, warm day but started to rain just before my third run

Winner - Peter Goulding 35.91s

Great day sprinting, very close competition. Third place was 0.18s and fourth place was 0.42s behind me respectively. Although only Second in Class, I was the fifth fastest road-going car and eighth fastest overall.

David Weir CBE, British Paralympic wheelchair athlete presented the trophies

May 2014
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

P1 - 41.27s - Bit of a sluggish start
P2 - 39.89s - A much tidier run
T1 - 39.71s - Very little gain from what seemed a much better run
T2 - 39.36s - Better, but still a way to go for another PB
T3 - 38.56s - Another improvement, but only good enough for 2nd in class. Nowhere near my 37.84s PB

Winner - Darren Tyre 37.90s - Great drive from Darren in his Elise

May 2013
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

P1 - 40.84s - A bit gung ho on P1 trying too hard on cold slippery surface, too much understeer everywhere
P2 - 39.69s - A better run as the temperture rises
T1 - 38.42s - even better, a good run just 0.28s away from a PB
T2 - 37.84s - Excellent, smooth run and first time into the 37s a new PB by 0.3s. Good enough for a 1st in class and 7th fastest overall.
T3 - 39.23s - As ever, trying to hard to find a few more tenths and locked up into the chicane.....

2nd - Jeff Wiltshire 38.08s

May 2012
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

P1 - 40.95s - 1st run, warm and sunny. Good starting point
P2 - 39.14s - much better, but still only practise
T1 - 39.09s - becoming hotter and just chipping away
T2 - 38.79s - just 0.1s off my PB....
T3 - 38.14s - new PB by 0.55s, 1st in Class and 4th fastest overall

2nd - Roger Coote in a Ginetta G32 40.49s

Leaving the paddock...
...noise testing
Waiting for the green light...
...let battle commence
In full flight...
...returning to the paddock
Job done
L7C show area

A few of the other competing entries.....
1968 Ford Escort Mk1 Twin Cam RS
1960 Austin Healey Speedwell Sprite
1965 Aston Martin DB5
1959 Lotus 7 Series 1A
2012 Radical SR3 SL
1965 Ford GT Recreation
1967 Ford Cortina MkII
1965 Road Runner 2 Chaparral
1987 MG...
...Metro 6R4
1980 Pilbeam MP43-BMW
1947 Monaco
1923 GN Spider
1972 Ensign LNF3
2011 Nissan Leaf NISMO RC
1955 Juno F3 500
1956 Wishart MkII
1950/56 HWM-Chevrolet 'The Stovebolt Special'

May 2011
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

P1 - 41.98s - 1st run, cloudy, warm and dry
P2 - 40.39s - Better, but too aggressive...
T1 - 39.55s - Just 0.03s slower than previous best
T2 - 38.69s - Sunny and warmer, a new PB by 0.83s
T3 - 39.55s - Final run, trying a bit too hard, but at least my best run was enough to secure '1st in Class' albeit by just .025s

2nd - Jeff Wiltshire 38.94s

Courtesy of LazerBrain
Courtesy of LazerBrain
Courtesy of LazerBrain

May 2010
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

P1 - 43.29s - First time at Crystal Palace. Cloudy, damp but drying
P2 - 41.35s - Greatly improved run, although still learning the course
T1 - 39.72s - Another vastly improved run. Cloudy and dry
T2 - 40.06s - Different line at the hairpin didn't work
T3 - 39.52s - Now hot and sunny. My best time of the day was good enough to achieve my first 1st in class (out of 4)

2nd - Peter Savage 42.25s

As this was my first time on this particular course I decided to take some photos as I walked the course. See below for a step-by-step guide to the circuit. For the sprint the circuit used part of the 1937-39 circuit. Planning for the event started in 2006 and in order to gain safety approval some 38 tonnes of Armco were put in place and 13,000 worth of tarmac was relaid. More information about motor racing at Crystal Palace can be found by clicking on the logo at the top of the page.

An uphill start at the end of Fisherman's Rise...
...leading to Pond Hairpin
Pond Hairpin...
...and exit
...approach to...
...Big Tree Bend
and exit onto...
...Terrace Straight.
Approach to...
...a small chicane...
...that leads onto...
...the entry to...
...North Tower Crescent...
...and finally...
...the finish at...
...the start of The Glade.
Driving through the paddock...
...to the Start for practice
Class competitors - 1996 Caterham 1700 Supersprint,
1984 Morgan plus 8 and
1982 Lancia 037 Stradale
Other competing cars: 1959 Lotus Series 1A
1963 Ford Lotus Cortina
1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal
1958-61 Owen Jaguar Special
1960 Austin Healey Sebring Sprite
1960 GSM Delta
1959 Austin A35
1955 Cooper-Norton Mk9, 1972 Ensign LNF3
1963 Cooper T65 FJ
1935 Eccles Rapier
1935 MG PB
2009 Dax Rush - FTD 35.18s
1969 NSU TT
1960 Austin Healey Sebring Sprite
1960 Corvette 'Chevy'
The Corvette makes an...
...entertaining start!
1959 Alexis Mk 8
1947 Monaco...
...complete with 500cc Norton engine and..
... very simple front suspension

Sprinting & Hillclimbing