Castle Combe Speed Festival

In June 2003 we attended the Castle Combe Speed Festival, a weekend of motor racing involving British GT Championships, Formula 3, Caterham R400s, TVR Tuscans and Castle Combe Saloon Cars. We stayed at Dornden Guest House in Old Sodbury, a delightful Victorian-era former vicarage with beautiful views across Sodbury Vale to the Severn Bridges and Welsh hills beyond.

Dornden Guest House
'Ivy' been framed by Jenny Walker
It's a hard life
It's that car again
Blending in with the surroundings
Can you recognise these 3 wise men?
De Walt Tuscans fresh from Le Mans
I'll get the front view on the next lap

Having enjoyed ourselves so much in 2003 we returned again in 2004 and stayed at Widleys Farm, a 200 year old farmhouse in Sherston, Malmesbury, Wiltshire. The Festival comprised the same races as the previous year.

Widleys Farm
Oops! Missed the sign saying there was a ford at the end of the road!
Nuff said!
One day I'll get the hang of this motor sport photography!
Morgan Aero 8
Caterham R400s
TVR Tuscans
Formula 3s kicking up dust
As you can see, the weather suddenly got a lot worse ...

...but the weather soon picked up and the flames from
the Formula 3s kept us warm!

We really enjoy the variety of races at the Castle Combe Speed Festival so we returned yet again in 2005 and stayed at the Sodbury House Hotel in Old Sodbury, South Gloucestershire, together with a team from Ferrari Motorsport and the T-Sport team racing Formula 3!

Sodbury House Hotel
Start of the British GT Race
Ferraris...too good for the competition
Always nice to see a Marcos racing
Morgan Aero 8 sounding as good as ever
Noble for sale.....yours for only 58,000
UK Formula Fords at The Esses
Fast sweeping right hander
F3 at Old Paddock
F3 at Tower Corner
John Cooper Mini Challenge at Tower Corner
TVR Sagaris
Minis at Bobbies
Apparently the racing wasn't exciting enough for some!
Not advisable to hit the tyre wall at Bobbies
2nd hit of the day and it's been knocked further than the first

At last, back to its original position. "Now don't do it again!"

Although we knew the format would be different this year, due to local noise complaints, we returned to the Castle Combe Speed Festival in 2006, again staying at the Sodbury House Hotel in Old Sodbury, South Gloucestershire. The main differences were the lack of the British GTs and Formula 3s.

Mini Coopers
Formula Fords
More Minis