Visit to Arch Motors

September 2006

Angus organised a trip to Arch Motors in Huntingdon as a pre-cursor to attending the Hog Roast at Tessa's family home in Chelveston, Northamptonshire.

Arch Motors have been the sole manufacturer of Lotus and Caterham Seven chassis for over 45 years. Bruce Robinson very kindly opened the factory on a Saturday afternoon to allow us to roam around at will and take photos. Bruce also gave a talk on all aspects of production and was extremely willing and patient in answering all our questions. It felt quite a privilege to visit the factory where our 7s are made.

Waiting for everyone to arrive
Tango Tart helps himself to a lowered floor
Petrol tanks in unmade form ...
... and part-completed

Seven chassis nearing completion
Chassis ready for powder coating

Bruce Robinson (3rd right and 4th left) gives a brief chat on the two jigs that Arch have used to build all Seven chassis

One of the aforementioned two jigs
Rather large pipe-bending machine!
Another Seven chassis awaiting completion
An excellent example of aluminium welding between the side skin and rear panel
Chassis after powder coating
Rear panels
Where the rear panels are skilfully knocked into shape
Recently powder coated chassis
De Dion tube
Side skins
Supermarket sweep!
Caterham racers' ...
... corner
Various views ...
... from around the factory
Ariel Atom chassis in production ...
... and awaiting powder coating
Formula 3 aluminium Monocoque ...
... and following a 135 mph crash. Apparently the driver only suffered a broken ankle!

Caterham graveyard

An impressive list of Arch products